Life Skype

This online training course is a fully-interactive multimedia experience consisting of four two (2) hour sessions. This is an opportunity for the trainee to engage with Simeon and hear the testimonies of pastors and individuals he and others have discipled. Life Studies Audio is included in the Life Skype training fee.
1 Trainee, 4 two-hour sessions, (Includes (1) LS Audio) $299.00
2 Trainees, 4 two-hour sessions, (Includes (2) LS Audio) $399.00
3 Trainees, 4 two-hour sessions,  (Includes (3) LS Audio) $499.00
4 Trainees, 4 two-hour sessions,  (Includes (4) LS Audio) $599.00
5 Trainees, 4 two-hour sessions,  (Includes (5) LS Audio) $699.00

Life Study Live

Life Study Live consists of being taught Life Studies one on one by Simeon. Contact us for more information and pricing. 

Contact us for more details or to schedule your Life Skype Training Course.

Life Launch

This is a one day event that takes a look into the world of Life Studies. This training session is a multimedia-driven crash course.  Life Launch pricing is determined by number of attendees. Please contact us for Life Launch pricing.

Day: Saturday (Preferred)

  • Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Materials Included
  • Multiple churches/individuals encouraged to attend

Need More Information? Contact Us.