Welcome to the official Life Study Ministries page.

This ministry was birthed from a desire to see lives changed. We want to go beyond the initial conversion experience and define what it looks like to follow Jesus.  This website is dedicated to those that want to get off “the pew” and take the gospel to their friends, families and co-workers.

We believe it is time for the body of Christ to be empowered. For too long it has been thought that only a select few are able to share the gospel. Life Study Ministries is dedicated to all that are ready to do just that.  Life Study Ministries is a great place to be trained and equipped to begin this journey of evangelism.  We are so glad you took the time to stop by.  May you be blessed and encouraged to move forward and “go into all the world and preach the gospel” to everyone who will listen.

Life Studies is series of lessons designed to give the student a fresh perspective on God. Each lesson is a piece of a puzzle, when put together, allows the student to see the “picture of God” more clearly.

Currently Life Studies is available in two ways.

Life Studies Discipleship Packet (Version 1.0)
Currently the Life Studies Discipleship Packet (Version 1) is 20 lessons plus teacher training material. This is the first version of Life Studies produced by Simeon Costa. It is available to download as a digital PDF.

Life Studies Audio (Version 2.0)
We also have available for purchase Life Studies Audio (Version 2). This is the second version of Life Studies produced by Simeon Costa. Each of the 30 lessons are recorded by Simeon and are great for listeners that want to learn or teach the content to others.